by RaRa

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released May 13, 2014

All songs produced by RaRa except for "Dealers In Paris" and "All The Way Live" which were produced by DJ Toomp


all rights reserved


Track Name: The B Coming
Caught up in this fashion
Cameras flashin
Countin’ all this cash
Life without that just so hard to imagine
I want me an Aston
I want me a Braxton
Fuck it, a Kardashian
I want me a Simmons
Seem like everything I do, I’m doing it for these women
I’m flexin’ on these haters
Might be out eating, get to flexin’ on a waiter
They don’t think they should serve us
See us they get nervous
Pants saggin I’m sorry, I’m proud of these Polo briefs
Schemed for the Louis belt
Now please acknowledge my wealth
Fuck the price of the meal, I deal to live, nigga.
Dodge cops and bullets deserve to chill nigga
In the name of the Pimp, forever be trill nigga,
Word to them white boys, I’m licensed to ill nigga.
Gold cubans and charms
Tatted all up the arm
Roley across the wrist
I’m addicted to this
Analysts say I’m scandalous
Fuck it I think I'm glamorous
Self made nigga the fuck i care about a panelist
Fuck all opinions
Life a casino and I come for all my winnings
Fit for it
God tailored it all
Get used to it, don’t hold your breath for the fall
Slip but I never fell
Secrets I’ll never tell
Niggas thirsty for game
I guess I’m the Holy Grail
Holy Christ
Drop top 'Velle man that motherfucker nice
Now young nigga get right
Grippin on some ass, while I'm sippin on some Henny
Joyrich junkie in a brand new pair of Pennys
Shit is overwhelming man I'ma need a minute
A small 60 seconds and I'll be ready for action
Yea I'll be ready for action.
CEO ADMG I don’t need no backin
Screaming no sponsor from my tonsils.
Atlanta rap scene turn a nigga to a monster.
Ask Maurice Garland, I’m much more than an artist
Ask Burn One, do he think I earned one
Ask Chilly O!
I’m a tall guy, to these small fries.
Mastered all the lows and turned it into my high.
Need a slice of the pie.
Forever I’ll remain, while you trendy niggas die
Only trill survive
The new Oomp and that's according to Toomp
I spit cannons and that's a quote from Cannon
DJ Dirty’ll tell you i saved the dirty,
I got a lot on my plate but i know I’m worthy
Me and Nicholas Love,
Murder without the glove.
Blue on top of the vocals
Send your budget, I'll coach you
Art district nigga
Retard with the flow, I'm autistic nigga
No assist.
Paying homage to niggas that came before me,
Gave you Atlanta but now I'm telling my story,
Glenwood to Candler, East Atlanta, to Moreland.
Nigga be careful in my city, we ain’t kind to tourists.
Rushing like a Taurus
But I'm a Sag though
Natural born asshole
Mob ties, Castro
This the beginning nigga,
We only in to winning nigga
Spit flows like Facemob
Young pimp in the flesh break a young bitch heart
Compelling novel i'm giving you here on out
Only indicator, you’ll never see a drought.
Never see a drought
And after this you should never have doubt nigga,
Never have doubts
Time to show em what I'm bout
Track Name: Pray For Me ft Scar
I’m drinking more than ever
I’m smoking more than ever
I’m searching for forever
I got some problems I'm facing I take out on whoever
I’m just such an aggressor
Look in the mirror resemblance of the devil
Pressures of my endeavor
Constantly chasing cheddar
I’m so in need of a treasure
Suffering from the weather
My life on trail and error
Somebody pray for me
God please make a way for me

I'm spending more than ever
I’m sinning more than ever
I'm venting more than ever
Ain’t putting forth the effort, too bitter to better
Fuck plenty bitches cause I’m enjoying the pleasure
Worrying about who fresher
Worrying about who dress you
That shit don’t even measure
Somebody pray for me
What i got to do to keep these demons away from me
What i got to do to get these angels to spray for me
Somebody pray for me

Cause I’m on a path to destruction
Corrupted by the corruption
My soul has been abducted
Attitude on fuck it
My problems have been instructed
My life need reconstruction
Somebody please pray for me
Cause i take it out on my girl
And take it out on my mom
I'm feeling like such a bum
Letting my daughter down
Feel sorry for all my sons
And I ain’t even got none
Man, somebody pray for me

I done started hallucinating
I need a drink and vacation
A break from my location
Escape from the temptation
But I can’t because I’m on probation
But damn they accusations
Man, somebody pray for me
And I’m falling out with my friends
This shit done became a trend
Where does it all end
Wasn't like this in the start
I hate it all fell apart
I love them all with my heart
Somebody please pray for me

I got to change something
Rearrange something
Tired of losing all the time i need to gain something
Cause fame aint nothing
And pussy ain't either
But i love them both
Damn, I need Jesus
Man, Somebody pray for me
Rashad's death was a devastating display for me
Never forget it, it always replay for me
God reply to me
I keep it real with You, You never lied to me
Tell me why You took Chris at such an early age
Tell me I’m not working this hard for an early grave
But I never questioned Your plan
Leave it all in Your hands
Man, somebody pray for me

Please send me a sign
I'm drunk and I’m stumbling blind
Happiness hard to find
Failure's around the corner
12 behind the ride
The smell of illegal on us
We won’t be making it home unless
Somebody pray for us
Love money so in God we trust
In fucked up situations we bust
That's how it is, that's how it always be
Don’t judge baby, just pray for me

With the lack of the proper funds
Its hard to give it a run
A great rapper but even a better con
Lyricist but dealer when i begun
Somebody please pray for me
Do what i got to survive
Scheme or connive
Long as i arrive in pure fashion
High end low life nigga no compassion
Only thing I’m focusing on is getting this cash in
And just in case i don’t make it
Just know i didn’t fake it
Somebody please pray for me
Track Name: Frustrated Young Man ft Killer Mike
Lost boy
Freaky Tah
Faith In God
Can’t move like I’m paralyzed,
Thoughts of suicide got me terrified,
Terrible It’s unbearable
Shit I did, Unrepairable
Need a miracle,
The stress on me too visible
I’m a time bomb in the physical
Just the typical
Young ghetto kid on section 8
Tryna get a plate
Tryna hold weight
Tryna see them gates but I took the bait
Devil’s after me, streets callin
Fed time that’s the price of ballin
Niggas hatin thats the price of fame
Hate that shit but I love the game
Drown in liquor can’t see much through a cloud of smoke
My life like a pile of shit but at the bottom of it, I had an ounce of hope Tryna make a mil off an ounce of dope
16 bottles, 16 zips
Know a young nigga with 16 whips
Now he facing 16 years, 16 years
Fears of failure my life a movie, this is just a trailer
Starring me, no supporting cast
Going no where but I'm moving fast
Make it through the night I’ll be aight
Get through the day I’ll be okay
Life’s a bitch I be tryna fuck
Right now, I’ll take a lil foreplay


No dad, no relationship with my mama
One on one with this drama
So sick I can vomit
That’s a hunnid
Need a milli
Or something close to it
So many times I been close to it
But I dropped the ball on the tight rope
I’m trying not to fall
Forgive me yall
Tryna find balance
Explore some of my hidden talents
Such a challenge for my short patience
No inspiration no foundation
Young nigga need a miracle
Please pray for me
Make this shit go away for me
Cuz I don’t know what else to do bout it
And my vision just too cloudy
Need two blunts and like ten shots
Need good head and a back rub
All alone with a back up
Been here before, I get back up.
Should’ve seen it coming
All this grind gotta mean something
Know I ain’t get put here for nothing
Know I can get this bitch jumpin
Bitches jumpin’ my spot in line
Need a mil to sign on that dotted line
Gotta do this shit 'fore I'm out of time
Tryna do my clothes, I’m all out of rhymes
Fed up with this shit
Tear it up in this shit
Get a hundred niggaz wit a hundred choppas
Go head up in this bitch


Lord have mercy these crackers gone hurt me
Put me in a pens, shackle and work me
Cuz of my skin I’m labeled unworthy
I can't get a job and can’t join the service
Cuz one year ago got caught out there serving
Got trapped in the trap and I’m trapped out here servin
Hell of a thang to put on your resume
Tellin the man, I got caught sellin yay
Took a plea deal I got a felony
I got some pills they got a mama
Ain’t got no money
She got some drama
Took me to court
Lied to your honor
Fuck her for life
And that bitch mama
Sometime i cry and i talk to my mama
Sometime i cry and I talk to Lord
But my eyes are dry when I talk to my daddy
Cuz I know my mama hit him twice as hard
Shaking his head cuz there's hurt in his heart
Knowing his only boy got it this hard
Could it be we were just put here to suffer
Why must I pain
Why must I struggle
Could it be i got a good woman there
But I cannot bring myself to love her or trust her
I’m damaged and I cannot manage, I'm broken
She never left me when her heart was broken
Philandering with these hoes drinking and smoking
I had to get focused
My life was just hopeless
I could not remain in that place forever
I bought some cocaine and put in the effort
Stacked all my money up under the dresser
Started a car wash from mere crumbs and pebbles
And hired the junkies I knew as my helpers

Shame the Devil when you tell the truth
Every dope boy story don’t end to the bad
Everybody ain't a muthafuckin kingpin
This for every nigga that ever made it out
Salute you

Track Name: The Thirst
Mom sniffed coke, pops smoked dope
Granny had to raise me, damn I drove her crazy
Belts couldn’t faze them phases I encountered
Nothing hurt worser than feeling I was abandoned
Young wild bandit stranded like Gilligan
Militant mind I gained I was insane
Forced to refrain, complain, I had to man up
Fought the whole family fuck it I had to stand up
Treated like an orphan barkin no fortune
I was in them Payless, cuz was in them Jordans
Called mama crying, she told me it wasn’t important
Told me when they laughed and clowned just don’t absorb it
Wish I coulda done it but damn I let it get me
Pops said he had me, damn I let him trick me
This the last time I’m trustin his lyin ass
Tried to see the good in him stupid my blind ass
Nigga say he sorry forgive him my kind ass
This the last of showing his ass my kind ass
Did a lot of shit that ain’t cool I don’t regret it
Cuz I was just young, upsetted, and misleaded
Nigga felt betrayed and raised thru early graves
Went to school frontin, shit wasn’t what I portrayed
Dad made me something after all, a good liar
But shit I gotta learn how to acquire some new attire


The thirst, I was cursed from birth for what it’s worth
Everything they took for me need to reimbursed
All my fucked up pride need to be reestablished
Cuz now I’m in my teenage years I got some habits
Be damned if I hit first class in those threads
Rather skip school and work for the old heads
Than hear a nigga tell me what his parents did for him
Make me catch him in the cut after school and give it to him
Shiesty in the mind, I gained throughout the time
Game I would run on suckas that I could find
Dirty lil nigga, they built me like that
Good at anything wrong I’m gifted like that
Aint nothing for it life just shifted like that
Bad part I don’t even feel guilty like that
Had good motives, I rode I’m just a floater
Did what I had they aint make enough to tote us
Never had a bed just camped on sofas
Dropped out of school, nigga couldn’t keep focused
Truth be told, a nigga scarred for life
No direction, don’t know wrong from right
Grown ass man reflect on this verse
People that I hurt, goddamn I was thirsty

Track Name: God Forgive Me
Cement 3's and my BBC
Ruthless like Eazy E
High end young nigga
But a playa still eatin off EBT
I get fresh to hide insecurities
My pride reside in my jewelry
I got a Cuban link, a Jesus piece,
And I ain’t been to church in weeks
Spend more money in the club than collection plates
Tryna serve God and serve weight
Know I’m fucked up in the mind state
I hit the blunt twice, get my mind straight
Can’t concentrate without funds
Like 280 for them 'Brons
I hit the Station Saturday and Magic Monday
Damn, that’s another thousand ones.
Tried to elevate on that Higher
But it turns out that I’m a liar
A nigga preach the shit but I’m a hypocrite
Cuz I’m still in love with big tires
And them big rims and them big asses
I’m a fashion fiend, I need classes
Balancing or some counseling
I be wanting shit I can’t pronounce a bit
I don't know what got in to me
Maybe cuz the hoes so into me
The street done been so good to me
Them red bones just do it to me
Oh shit I done relapsed
SMH when I recap
I just think about it and drink about it
How the fuck I'ma get myself up out it

I’m back at it
Lord forgive me
You know a nigga got bad habits
I like foreign cars and them thick broads
I’m such an addict
Seen that new new on that TV
And I had to have it
I just had to have it

Gotta do something about this fetish
Running through these hoes like Bettis
Cuckoo the way I blow that lettuce
Call a doc I'ma need me a medic
Fendi shit or Versace
I’m at Sak’s Fifth with my posse
I’m on Sunset with my bitches
Cheatin' on all of em with my riches
I aint never had shit so I want it all
Ball on ya like Chris Paul
Push the rock like Blake Griffin
But I don’t hoop I just kick the pimpin’
Kick shit but no World Cup
Drank Rose til I earl up
Fuck a bitch til she pass out
I hit Fairfax and I spazz out
Champagne glass, I’m first class.
Cazel mob, young heart throb,
Runway outswag a nigga on a Monday
Turn ya hoe into a runaway
Nigga 1 Up
My 'Velle in the shop gettin done up
I might pop me a molly and turn up
And I’m keepin this shit one hunnid

Track Name: Foreign Interlude
I'm ridin
I'm ridin somethin foreign

I got my trunk in the front,
And my motor in the back
Fresh off the showroom floor
Cost me 200 racks
I’m ridin
I’m ridin somethin foreign
European car but an American paint job
Candy from the ghetto got my shit lookin so sharp
I’m riding
I’m riding something foreign

European cars European broads
European threads Dodgin European feds
Dealers in Paris nigga we cherish anything we hustle
Only thing we ride American is American muscle
Want them Benzes, want them Beamers, want them Bentleys
You want them bitches better be foreign with them Benjis
Paper bag change
Paper tag gang
Slap them 40s on that bitch and let the trunk bang
Blue got the blue Benz with the roof in
Stack my paper hit the lot when that new coupe in
Caught a new bitch the other day in that new 650
At that car wash with my niggas she tryna get with me
Love that big block hit the gas and watch that bitch float
But this new school got a new smell and it’s fully loaded
Street nigga behind the wheel foreign co pilot
Police wanna pull me over they racial profiling

Track Name: Dealers In Paris
Scheme for the dream
Go out on a limb for them Euro cut seams
Or them foreigns on them things
Girl with the curly hair
Crib with a 'Cedes there
Kitchen with a maid in there
A 36 will get me there.
Hopscotch to them blocks for them granite tops.
Put the tool to your pores for them marble floors.
Ski mask on yo ass for that pretty grass
For a pretty penny, pick ya from the picket fence.
Dear Lord, Devil knocking at the door
With a proper proposition that’ll change my position
Got them thangs on commission
Know that when you black nigga stuntin is tradition
Know you don’t accept it, you be stuck in these conditions
Got a daughter to feed
Got a mama with needs
Got a lawyer with fees
Got a plug on them trees
Being broke and embarrassed Just some shit I aint havin
Somebody send me a ferry, I'm tryna shoot out to Paris

Dealers in Paris
Pocket full of money Wrist full of carats
Street nigga tactics
Money in the mattress
Tryna get sacks
Praying that they don’t catch us

Balenciaga, Murcielago, I could take a few
Margela chinchillas for the young fella
Caprices on Champs-Elysees just a nigga thesis
Bad bitches my weakness,
Me and dough adhesive
My game factious I bet I see a mil
No cash only swipe just send me the bill
Fuck a price check when you got a nice check
Get stripes like Adidas fuck a Nike check
Just do it get that cash that’s by any means
Get ya paper right and you can buy ya anything
I had dreams bout the faces they can take ya places
Call Trinidad and ask him how them milli tasting
See it in my eyes, know I need a slice of pie
Buy a Roley plain throw some ice up on that guy
Buy a Phantom, might throw some D’s on that bitch
Tell PPD they got some G’s in this bitch

Track Name: Art of Loyalty
Let us take our time
To tell you something real
A feeling that is right
A groove that you can feel

Imagine growing up with no father
No school diploma, no income but tryin to be the best for your daughter
Trying to change shit for yo mama
Trying to make a way for yo brother
Tyring to do it big ‘fore yo grandma pass so you can get her outta that gutter
Couple patnas too I wanna see them win
Bent or Benz I wanna see them in
Girlfriend I wanna let her spend
Couple Vegas fights that I’m tryin to attend
Rap game don’t wanna let me in but the drug trade sending invitations
County jail makin reservations
But waiting on me they gone stay vacant
Fucked up what they did wit Trot
Miss my nigga showed me a lot
When he touch down, I’ma give him a knot
Take him to the lot and let him cop a drop
Pud too, I got love for you
If it wasn’t for you don’t know where I’d be
Put me on with that coca leaf
When I didn’t have no ice, you gave me your piece
Me, Pha, and Dirt, we ain’t have a lot but we made it work
Been real wit me since day one, I keep tellin niggaz this our turf
Baby mama don’t get along but her family did so much for me
Back then when I was so lost, they was right there in search for me
Cant forget my manager, Nick Love, showed much love
Ain’t made a dime off one rhyme but you still ridin we bout to get it up
I was so heartless but everybody had much loyalty
I ain’t give a fuck bout to give it up
But in the midst of it, they picked me up and taught me how to

We’ll show you how to love somebody
We’ll show you how to love
We’ll show you how to love somebody

One time for Ms Mimi
Let me know it’s cool to just be me
Said one day I’ll be on TV
Say she seen a star when she see me
Vern, Connie, and Keely
Jantell, Janice, my brother Tee
Ms Rosa Lewis and my brother Sweet
Gave a nigga somewhere to sleep
Fed me, I was too broke to eat
‘posed to spent the night, it turnt to a week
Love y’all I can’t stress enough
Y’all was there for me when life was rough
Wallo nigga I fuck witcha
Smurf I’m always down for ya
My cuz Bird and my cuz Steve
Outta everybody, y’all took to me
Nitti, you know what’s up wit me
JD nigga you stuck wit me
Everything ain’t meant to be
But that chance meant so much to me
Before that, I ain’t have nothing going
Really didn’t know what life would be
If it wasn’t for y’all coming thru stayin down and showin me


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